ZZ42004A70Lori and Benny Krieger have journeyed together from small town Texas roots to corporate careers in Washington, D.C. Eventually, they returned to that small Texas town to plant their babies roots. Those precious roots are bedded in the same soil as the two fig trees that were the catalyst for Taste Elevated™.

Picking the abundance of fruit from those beloved trees became an annual tradition and finding a place for all the figs became a daily chore. The solution, make fig chutney! Not just any fig chutney, but one that was a reflection of the Kriegers; a combination of diverse ingredients whose unusual harmony would result in an unforgettable product.

From this, the fever for creation was born; a fever that led to a lot of miles on the family vehicle after countless trips seeking the perfect ingredients.

our family
Our Family

One that also led to countless late nights roasting, peeling, chopping and canning in the tiny kitchen in the house that Lori grew up in. A fever that the Kriegers have no intention of curing and one that they hope you will catch as well!

Taste Elevated
After the realization that this was more than just a hobby, the Kriegers decided to make it official. After being advised (thank you Mili Suleman!) to steer away from several less-than-sophisticated names like “Krieger Kreations” (can you say cliché?) and Quihi Kitchen (after the road Lori grew up on); they chose Taste Elevated™. The idea behind this name was that each of their products can take any dish to that next culinary level.

So, with an investment from Lori’s dad, a veterinarian in that same small Texas town, they were on their way. There have been many lessons learned the hard way and speed bumps along the way. But, with rock solid support from parents, siblings and close friends Taste Elevated was launched. And for that, the Krieger family will be forever grateful.

Benny and Lori KriegerThis has been an incredibly fulfilling adventure already. We hope our story and products inspire our customers to get in their own kitchens and create!


-Lori and Benny Krieger